Welcome to The House of Self-Discovery

Where you safely can come home to yourself.

Come on in to The House of Self-Discovery – the community that brings together women-identified folks somewhere in the transition from first third to second third of life, with a sense that it’s time to make some changes but stuck in a cycle of fear, self-criticism, and “supposed to.”

Yes, there are many of us. No, you're not alone.

And together, in this House, we facilitate and explore the self-discovery process through encouraging curiosity, thoughtful and vulnerable conversation and support, expert helpful resources, concrete frameworks, and all the tools for your self-discovery journey.

And we’re here to find the path away from going through life on someone else’s default settings, toward tapping into self-trust and self-compassion, and into confidently making the most aligned decisions for our well-being and wants, even when it feels hard.

Because sometimes – there’s no way around it – it does feel hard.

But in this House, it’ll feel just a little bit easier.

In the House of Self-Discovery,

What does that mean?

It means in this community, you’ll get all the tools and the team to build your strongest foundation. Here’s what that looks like:

  • Ongoing discussion with a group of people who get it and an open invitation to ask questions, share struggles, and celebrate wins – together  
  • Ability to create your unique Member profile and connect directly with other House Members who share interests or are near you physically
  • Monthly cozy-up chats and events led by Kourtney
  • A host of on-your-own self-discovery resources
  • Discounted access to the signature Foundations of Self-Discovery Course and Book Club
  • Curated monthly focuses, designed to continually move you through your self-discovery questions and barriers daily and weekly
  • Access to more intimate Rooms within the House so you can connect with other members going through all the same things you’re going through
  • VIP, first access to live coaching cohorts and new programs
  • A safe space to show up, off social media

Why community? Why this? Why now?

This is not your average online membership space. It’s different than what you’ve done before. And not gonna lie – it’s better.

This isn't just a bunch of content. It's not one person taking the stage. It's not canned posts and advice. 

It's definitely not a passive scroll. 

This is a place for you to come on purpose. It's a place for you to engage - with your Housemates and with yourself. It's a place for you to participate, to help build and decorate the House while also getting ideas for building and decorating your own. 

It's a place to truly build relationships. And realize transformation.

And in intentionally doing this by investing your time and energy, you create value for yourself, and for everyone. 

One other note...

For more than a decade, Kourtney has intentionally and expertly brought folks together around common struggles, situations, and sparks with wild success. The magic of a group of people who get it is beyond words, and is often the top reported benefit and value of joining a group cohort, doing a program, or attending an in-person event.

The House of Self-Discovery is that space, that effect.

What Housemates are saying:

"The most valuable part of the program was the interaction with other women who were open to sharing their experiences and were all working through the standard social expectations without talking about how pretty, or thin, or disciplined we were.  We talked about real topics and real joy and real successes which was something new for me as I don't have many female relationships."

"Out of this group of strangers, there was absolute connection in that some of us were struggling with different versions of the exact same issues."

"The live group was so validating and wonderful. I think I found growth in that space despite my best efforts to avoid any introspective work with the actual program "

"Kourtney is a skilled and perceptive facilitator of self-discovery. She has a way of creating a space to let awareness unfold and discover the power that we all hold in our lives. My experience individually and with the small group was eye-opening and I am excited to look at my life through a different lens."

"I took Kourtney's small group course and to say that it has changed the way I think would sound dramatic, but it's absolutely the truth! This isn't to say that it doesn't take any work, because boy does it! But then again, doesn't every good transformation (in reality or in the movies)? It makes you dig deeply into your beliefs and feelings and root around in there to find things you didn't even know you held onto. And yes, it's uncomfortable sometimes and hurts a bit to see the stories you've been telling yourself. But you also have a group of women who are there with you, being vulnerable with you and cheering you on in the same way you cheer them on."  

Feeling this way on your own.

Or trying to make your way in a sea of hundreds or thousands, never really feeling the connection you crave or getting the results you desire - and deserve. Or you can try it differently, together, this time. Just because it’s self-discovery, doesn’t mean it happens in isolation.

If you're ready to step out of self-doubt and into everything that's next for you, make your first aligned decision today. 

Choose your Membership Plan below, or contact me if you want to join but need to inquire about inclusive pricing. Yes, it's available. This house is open to all.